Giving the Reader a Taste

Giving the Reader a Taste

Suze Snow

A Lesbian Erotic Short Story

Hello there kiddos!

It’s after 1am here in NYC. That magic time when things in the house tend to quiet down…or heat up depending on your company hehe. It’s that time when cable (and tumblr) changes and all the shows that your parents never wanted you to watch (I’m looking at you skin-amax) come on. You know the ones. The films keeping cheesy jazz music in business with poor plots and copious amounts of nudity.

Anyway…I figured if it was a good time for cable to take a dive into the naughty, why not Roses and Whimsy?? And I’ve been kinda bursting at the seams wanting to talk about a new erotic short story by Suze Snow.

You may remember Suze Snow from my previous post all about her stories, although I never singled out just one of them. She released one recently called Giving the Reader a Taste and it is….phew. Steamy just doesn’t cover it.

Here’s the deal: 

Lisa is on a break from meetings and has some time to kill. From the moment she enters the coffee shop, her libido is operating at full blast and she knows she wants something, or someone to take the edge off. When she sees Deena sitting alone, reading, she can’t help the pull that she feels toward her or the desire rolling through her.

The two strike up a quick conversation which leads to some pretty heavy and intimate topics. Soon they find themselves locked in the throws of passion, unconcerned with where they are or who might see them. Lisa fulfills her fantasies with Deena, but it’s Deena who is in for the real surprise by the end of this story.

Real Talk:

Oh man. I cozied up with this short story knowing what to expect. After all, I’ve read several of Suze Snow’s stories, but I think that this one is by far her best. I have a soft spot for women who read, and women authors, and this story has both. This short story was intense, passionate, and packed with scene after scene of illicit decadence. There was a hint of bondage, just a touch of submission and a whole lot of lascivious fun.

I think she’s reached a completely new level with her writing. One would think that once you’ve read one sex scene, you’ve read them all, but I am constantly amazed at how Suze Snow manages to makes them all a little different, a little unique in their own way. And seeing how many short stories she’s written, that’s no small feat. This is definitely a story for a late night read. Um…re-charge your batteries, close the door, draw the blinds, turn the lights down, put on some slow jams and get comfy. Trust me you’ll thank me. And you’ll feel a lot more relaxed once you’re done. And again, I say…phew!

hot and bothered blanche

Go check it out lovelies and have a beautiful, sensual, night…

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