The Golden Dragon’s Unexpected Mate

The Golden Dragon’s Unexpected Mate: The Jeweled King’s Curse Book One

Kiki Burrelli

MM Shifter Romance/ mpreg

Here’s the Deal:

Miko Lannis is a foster kid. Socially awkward, a little clumsy, a little goofy, but completely adorable, and outspoken. His personality often rubs his long time boyfriend George the wrong way, and sometimes, the feeling is mutual. When Miko finds himself on the most expensive resort island in the world Chryseum Island on an assignment with George who is tasked with writing about the Island, and its ruler, the Golden Dragon King, Miko feels out of place to say the least. Everyone else on the ferry heading into the island is dripping in jewels, and Miko is standing with a camera in his unexperienced hands and his frayed jeans wondering how he got there and how in the world he’s supposed to do this job.

The Golden Dragon King Damari is facing a secret dilemma. He is the ruler of his people, running extremely short on family members, and without an heir. The cause of his family’s deaths and the fact that the future of his people are in complete danger are facts that Damari hopes to keep secret at all costs, but something must be done and the entire fate of the future of the Golden Dragons is on his shoulders. What’s a dragon king to do?

A chance meeting brings Miko and Damari together and they soon realize that there is more than meets the eye, to the both of them. There is more to being a king than responsibility, and there is more to Miko than the foster kid label that has followed Miko around his entire life. Miko finds himself serendipitously free of George, but can he somehow free himself from the hold that the thought of the Golden Dragon King has on him? And moreover, does he want to? And can the Golden Dragon King find a way to save both his people, and his heart?

Real Talk:

I am a complete sucker for m/m shifter romance novels! I’ve loved them since I first came across slash fan-fiction as a teenager and wound up envisioning my favorite boyband members as werewolves, and in love with each other. My biggest problem as a reader is that I tend to find a few favorite writers and stick with them, obsessively going through every work they’ve written until I’ve read everything. For once I wanted to branch out and find a new author.

I am SO glad that I did!

This book is adorable, sensual, steamy, with laugh out loud moments, and cringe worthy moments where you want to hide in a hole in the ground from collateral embarrassment for the main characters.

Miko is charming, witty, and honest which is refreshing to read. He handles things that come his way with a cool head outwardly, even though he freaks out internally (something I can completely relate to).

The Golden Dragon King, Damari is smoldering, brooding, serious, and utterly devoted. He’s a gorgeous alpha character and watching the interplay between Miko’s softness and Damari’s no nonsense rigid character as their romance unfolded was fun to say the least. Their romance was quickly established which I loved, so that the reader was able to concentrate on the rest of the plot that was yet to occur, and the twists and turns had me raising my eyebrows and pleasantly saying “whoa! Didn’t see that coming, “ all the way up to the very end.

The love scenes are….magic. Just like the dragons that these shifters become. There’s no other way to describe it. With passion and intensity galore, each of those scenes are paired with a tenderness which is nothing short of beautiful. One scene in the book ends with Damari telling Miko, “My heart beats in your chest”, and that was it for me. I lost it. There were so many happy tears.

I am so glad that I ventured out of my comfort zone and took a chance on Kiki Burrelli as an author. There are happy endings, I’m not put into too much crazy stress while reading, so I don’t feel like I need a vacation from my escape when I’m done, but there is enough happening in the plot to satisfy me.

All in all an adorably fun read that had me immediately diving into the next book which I cannot WAIT to review as well!

If you were on the fence about whether or not to get into this book, I say, go for it! The book contains both rainbows, and romance. Both roses and whimsy. Definitely my kind of read.

As always,

wishing you all romance and whimsy


Happy Reading!

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