Book Bytes: Book Promotion You Can Hear

Hellooooooo Lovelies!

I’ve been playing around with new and fun ways to make my writing accessible to as many humans as possible and music has always inspired my writing, with entire story plot lines being inspired by just one song, or one verse. And I thought, what if it helped promote the book as well?

Take a little bit from book trailers, take a little from audio books, slap the two together with some amazing audio, and you get BOOK BYTES

This video is short and sweet. With background music by Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson was a huge influence for this story in particular as well as for pretty much my entire existence. Because, well, she’s awesome. ‘Nuff Said. Anyway, I’ll let the video speak for itself (literally).

This is a small segment of my newest release: Mars Vs. Venus which is available now for Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Wishing you Romance and Whimsy



About Avery Rose

I'm a 30-something year old living in my native New York...I adore the city, writing, books, tea, music, long walks and rainbows :) Aaaand What happens to a dream deferred? In my opinion it gets sucked up dry and spat out as a gnarled petrified mass of what the heart used to I'm also coming out as a writer who wrestles with questions of identity, reality, race and even sexuality. I'm having fun finally writing my own story. Feel free to help :)

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