From the Boots Up: Soft, sweet, and slow :)

I sat down to read this book, and didn’t move until I was finished. Literally. I armed myself with a hot chocolate and animal crackers (my new favorite thing. Why didn’t anyone tell me how delicious that combination is?!) and started reading with no expectations other than knowing that I was in for a treat.

Another story set in the country, and I’m starting to sense a little theme to January. Unlike Life is Not a Country Song this isn’t my first rodeo with author Andi Marquette. About a year and a half ago I began actively looking for lesbian fiction and I stumbled upon another of her novellas Some Kind of River. That was one of the first books that I read that didn’t leave the main characters desperately pining for one another while the divides of time, space and society separated them forever. Also, both characters were happily alive at the end of the story. Both points got gold stars from me, and I knew that this was an author to watch. In a way, Andi Marquette was one of the first authors to remind me that happily ever afters are everywhere at a time when I desperately needed the reminder.

This story was soft, sweet and slowly sipped just like my hot chocolate. The story is short, and I will admit that I found myself watching the timeline at the bottom of my tablet, wondering if the story was going to wrap up as nicely as I hoped within the time that was left. I shouldn’t have even doubted her. Expertly written, beautifully paced and dreamily romantic, this is most definitely a read and re-read kind of story. She saves the best for last like decadent whipped cream on top of a fluffy cupcake of lesbian romantic goodness. (I love food like I love books, can you tell?)

You don’t have to take my word for it (Reading Rainbow voice). Goodreads LOVES this book with over 100 awesome ratings and loads of happy reviews. It’s a story about two people finding love and the situations that surround them. No monsters. No murders. No crazy paranormal dragons that turn into dream weaving princesses during the day that suck out the intense erotic dreams of unsuspecting victims. (I haven’t read that book, but if it’s out there PLEASE let me know.)

If the “common life” version of romance bores you, watch out. But those are just the right kinds of stories for me.

There is a sequel and it is longer. I read the blurb and I won’t lie, it made me a little nervous, but I’l reserve judgement until I’ve finished the entire thing. Because that’s really the only thing you can do with an author like Andi Marquette. Search out more of their writing and obsessively devour it as fast as you can. It’s THAT good. Also she’s just an amazing down to earth person who isn’t above interacting with her readers on a real level. And that by itself gets loads of rainbows and roses from me.

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