Sad Cat Diary

Hello There Lovelies!

Long Time No See!

I’ve been running around with this cold and flu season trying to keep myself and the four-year-old princess running and up to speed, so that’s taken up the majority of my time. But I thought it was time to bring a little whimsy back to the Roses and Whimsy blog 🙂 With that, I give you: Sad Cat Diary!! I was browsing today and found this which had me laughing so very hard at the lives of these poor, underprivileged felines. This deserves to be shared everywhere. If this doesn’t bring a little happy into your thursday, I don’t know what will.






About Avery Rose

I'm a 30-something year old living in my native New York...I adore the city, writing, books, tea, music, long walks and rainbows :) Aaaand What happens to a dream deferred? In my opinion it gets sucked up dry and spat out as a gnarled petrified mass of what the heart used to I'm also coming out as a writer who wrestles with questions of identity, reality, race and even sexuality. I'm having fun finally writing my own story. Feel free to help :)

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  1. That was hysterical! LOL!

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