Bold is Beautiful: Changing Visibility, Fashion and Consciousness

An Indian brand of ethnic wear is bringing visibility and fashion-forward social consciousness to the forefront and I am thrilled about it!

Anouk Apparel launched a digital campaign in June of 2015 for its line of Indo-Western inspired clothing titled Bold is Beautiful. With a three minute video entitled “The Visit” they made a splash in social media in both India and America. The video features two Indian women in a live-in relationship preparing to meet the parents for the first time as a couple.

What struck me about this video is that it’s so beautifully normal. There’s no sensational drama, no stereotypes, no outlandish expectations. It’s a masterfully produced snippet of charming, down-to-earth life. The acting is subtle and natural, the cinematography is soft and dreamlike, the script is simple, yet poignant, and the set is ethereal in just how realistic it is! Not only did the video bring more visibility to the LGBTQ Indian community, but it managed to do so in the most delicate, elegant way possible. The message is loud and clear. The two women are sweetly, romantically in love, and it’s come to the point where they no longer want to hide that from the people who matter most in their lives.

Manish Aggarwal, VP of Marketing for Myntra Fashion Brands under which Anouk Ethnic Wear operates, captured the spirit of both the video and the brand wonderfully:

“Anouk presents a range of apparel for women that are stylish, contemporary and modern. The brand is all about celebrating women, her beauty, her existence, her grace and her freedom….We wanted to give Anouk a sharply defined identity in this crowded category – describing it as an ethnic wear that is bold, vibrant and stylish and even edgy at times. Our intention was to highlight that wearing Anouk is not a compromise, but a choice.”

It is clear from the video that this is what love is to these two women. Sexual Orientation is not a choice. Despite the many arguments out there, I am certain of this. But love, how you live it, how you act on it, that is a choice. And these two women exemplified, in a three minute video, that to love openly, boldly, and fully is not a compromise, but a courageous and conscious decision. I know for sure that the video caught my eye, made my day, and definitely made me look into the brand as a westerner who adores wearing Indian inspired clothes, even just for fun. Three cheers for conscious visibility! Bold is absolutely Beautiful.

Until Next Time Lovelies!

Wishing Bold Romance and Whimsy


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